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Posted by on Nov 13, 2019 in Microsoft Teams, Videos

All my Microsoft Ignite 2019 interview videos in one place

All my Microsoft Ignite 2019 interview videos in one place

I’ve had an amazing experience as a Community Reporter at Microsoft Ignite this year. By the numbers I recorded 8 videos before the event started, 6 Live Stream interviews, 1 Live Stage interview, and 8 other interviews with key people. I’ve spoken to Program Managers, Directors, a CVP, even Scott Hanselman! I’ve covered Microsoft Teams, development, community and lots more.

This page is the full collection of all the interviews and other videos done in my Community Reporter role.


Tom Arbuthnot

I sat down with Microsoft MVP and serial Microsoft conference attendee Tom Arbuthnot to discuss what newcomers to Microsoft Ignite can expect, how to prepare, what to pack and how to make the most of your week at Ignite.

Jeff Tyler

I sat down with Jeff Tyler, Digital Experience Lead, Events & Studios, to talk about how Microsoft is recording and live-streaming every session, theater session and keynote from Microsoft Ignite 2019.

Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley is a Microsoft MVP and one of the top-rated speakers from last year’s Microsoft Ignite. I sit down with her to talk through how speakers can write presentations that captivate audiences.

Bryan Liston

Bryan Liston is in charge of the DAC – the Development and Architecture Centre – at Microsoft Ignite. I sat down with him to understand what the DAC was, who it’s for, and how to best use it whilst at Ignite.

Harjit Dhaliwal

I spoke to Harjit Dhaliwal about the multiple sessions he’s running at Microsoft Ignite, the podcasts he’s recording, his attendee tips, and advice for first-timers. Great tips in here

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan’s role at Microsoft Ignite is to ensure all attendees are well looked after by providing services such as Quiet Rooms, Audiojack stations, and … therapy animals!

Mary Jo Foley

I sat down with Mary-Jo Foley, renowned journalist and commentator who has been covering Microsoft for over 30 years.

Patch & Switch

I managed to grab Microsoft podcasting duo Patch & Switch in their studio for a quick chat about this year’s Microsoft Ignite, what NOT to do at Ignite and some other pieces of wisdom.

During – Live Stream

Anne Michels

Anne is the Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Teams

Leslie Richardson

Leslie is a PM at Microsoft and talked me through the Debug Bar, and some new announcements including VS Terminal and pinnable properties.

Allison Buchholtz-Au

Allison is a PM at Microsoft and explained IntelliCode to me.

Stephen Rose

I spoke with Stephen Rose about how to inspire your employees to adopt new technology.

Scott Hanselman

I grabbed Scott Hanselman just after he delivered a session on being  a social developer, to discuss what being a developer on Microsoft’s stack today really means, what’s changed in the past few years, and how Microsoft are making development more inclusive.

Brian Ricks

I spoke to Brian about the Teams Community, and how local events and user groups encourage communities to form and grow.

During – Live Stage

Vesa Juvonen

I interviewed Vesa Juvonen on the Microsoft Ignite Live Stage and talked about the exciting new SharePoint announcements, including the SharePoint Look Book (with a demo)

During – Other

Microsoft Ignite Walkthrough

No commentry, just a 20-min long walkthrough of the Main Hall (not the Partner Zone), starting with the Microsoft Teams booth and ending in the Hang Out (where the Vision Keynote started)

Jace Moreno

I sat down with Jace Moreno to talk about how to ensure your Microsoft Teams adoption is a success, and how Teams is changing how people work.

Jamie Stark

I got some time with Jamie Stark to talk about the Teams Admin Center and what IT Pros should be doing with it.

Jared Spataro

I sat down with CVP Jared Spataro to talk about Microsoft 365 announcements, whether email would go into Microsoft Teams, and what he would change about Microsoft.

Karuana Gatimu

I spoke with Karuana Gatimu about the Microsoft Teams Customer Advocacy Group, dealing with many different opinions, and Teams Champions.

Phillip Brissaud

I spoke with Phillip Brissaud about the newly announced Power Virtual Agents, how they work, who they are for and their future.

Gary Pretty

I sat down with Gary Pretty to talk about the Bot Framework, what’s new and exciting, and some of the architecture behind the announcements.

Andrew Bybee

I sat down with Andrew Bybee to talk about Compliance Recording and Contact Centers in Microsoft Teams, and the work he’s been doing.

Siunie Sutjahjo

I managed to sit down with Siunie Sutjahjo and talk about Microsoft Teams Advanced CQD, announced this year: what’s new, and how she is working to make IT Admin’s lives easier using AI.


I hope you found these videos useful. If you did, know that I also do weekly update videos, and other such interview-type videos throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss out, because I don’t always a publish a blog post for each video.

Written by Tom Morgan

Tom is a Microsoft Teams Platform developer and Microsoft MVP who has been blogging for over a decade. Find out more.
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