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Posted by on Jun 29, 2010 in Development | 0 comments

Windows 8!

The guys at Microsoft Kitchen have some very interesting slides that were left lying around the internet somewhere and got picked up by the Italian Windows site “Windowsette“. They’re all about Windows 8.

One of the slides addresses the number of Windows Developers that are out there and who they are looking to target any new version of Windows to:

~39 million STEM-D (science, maths, engineering and tech developers)
~8.6 million professional developers
~104 million non-professional, hobbyiest developers

That’s a lot of development capacity!

There’s also talk of combining the LogOff and Hibernate functionality into a new state, which will be “Faster on from 0 Watts combining the best of each of our off states”

Read, digest, enjoy, and look forward to it!

Windows 8 plans leaked.

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