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Posted by on Dec 9, 2010 in Development | 0 comments

Demo: Norwich School Viewer

Demo: Norwich School Viewer

Silverlight Demo - Norwich Schools Viewer

Norwich Schools Viewer Demo

I’ve been playing around with the Silverlight PivotViewer, and used some education data from to give a different perspective of education establishments in Norwich.

The Norwich Schools Viewer allows you to find different schools, Early Years settings and other education providers quickly, by searching on a range of different parameters, in a graphic way.

Because this was really just a prototype, the data is a snapshot, valid for December 2010. Also, I couldn’t find a repository of building photos, so I had to resort to Google Map shots of the lat/long co-ordinates. In most cases this has resulted in a decent ariel shot, but I think maybe running them over a .NET app and putting the name of the school on the image as well might be an idea. One for next week!

You can view the Product Viewer here.

Disclaimer: don’t use this app to pick the best school for Clement Junior. I haven’t even checked that it contains all the schools in the Norwich area – I just queried the database for town=norwich.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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