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“86% of developers listen to music whilst coding” and other stats

“86% of developers listen to music whilst coding” and other stats

Zend Technologies have just released their latest ‘Developer Pulse’ survey results.

You can see the full report here, but it’s mostly PHP-based (as Zend are mostly PHP based)

However, at the end of the reports are some more generic, lighter results, such as the one that 86% developers prefer to listen to music to get them “in the zone” whilst coding.

The most popular artist was Metallica, with Pink Floyd and Linkin Park close behind. The least popular was that Bieber chap. In the ‘guilty pleasures’ section was Britney, ABBA and Lady Gaga.

Over at the Flickr HQ, they’ve done a quick poll of their developers for their favourite  music. The poll was done in March, but you might find some inspiration. The list is here, and they also have a Last.FM group.

If you’re interested, you can see my own musical preferences on my /music page, which lists what I’ve recently listened to, or on my Last.FM page.


The report authors also asked developers about their New Year resolutions for 2012.

The most popular was to ‘take a vacation’ at 19%, with spending more time with family and getting more sleep close behind. Eating healthily was also up there.

Good to see that my own resolutions chime in pretty close to everyone else’s. Also, I’m pretty sure they’ll be the same as my resolutions for next year as well!


(data from Zend Developer’s Pulse Report)


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