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Posted by on Jun 13, 2012 in Skype for Business® (Lync®) | 0 comments

Lync Development Samples from MSDN

Lync Development Samples from MSDN

MSDN has always had samples for Lync development, just like it has for lots of different sorts of Microsoft-based development, but it’s not always been easy to find.

That’s all changing however. The new MSDN Code Samples Gallery provides a way to easily access all the samples from one place:

Naturally, the first thing I wanted to see was: are there any Lync code samples? And yes, there are!

If you search for ‘lync’ there are 17 code samples available, mostly using the Lync SDK.

If you search for ‘ucma’ there are 9 code samples available, covering use of the UCMA SDK.

It’s a good start for people who are new to either SDK and want to see how things are done. Hopefully over time we’ll see more and more samples covering other parts of both SDKs.

Bonus Feature! Code Samples will be coming to the IDE in Visual Studio 2012:

This will make it even easier to find what you’re looking for, and for new developers to get up to speed quickly with Lync Development. Good stuff!

There’s a fuller description of the Code Sample Gallery on the Visual Studio blog.

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