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Posted by on Jan 6, 2020 in Development, Microsoft Teams

Teams App Submission moving to Partner Center: more info

Teams App Submission moving to Partner Center: more info

A few weeks ago, I blogged the news that App Submission was moving from Seller Dashboard to Partner Center, we now have some more information about this, in the form of a FAQ page published late last year.

When will I be moved?

Anytime from now really. It looks like you’ll receive an email when the move is scheduled but it’s not something you can control or delay because there’s no action needed (see next). The actual move process will take 10-30 mins, during which time you won’t be able to access either dashboard to see or edit products.

According to the banner I see when I log into my Seller Dashboard, all solutions will be migrated by Jan 31 2020.

Do I need to do anything?

No, no action is needed before or during the move. However, you could use this opportunity to delete any old drafts which you don’t want migrated. Once you receive the email about migration you should probably not start editing products though because any unsaved changes will be lost when the migration happens.

What if I want to go back to the Seller Dashboard?

You can’t. Once the migration happens, all editing of you app and any new apps should happen in Partner Center.

Is there anything I should do after the move?

Potentially, yes. Partner Center includes 16 new markets which you could choose to make your product available in, but you will need to opt-in to those markets. To see the new markets, on the Availability page, next to Markets, click Show options. To opt in to all the new markets, choose the Select all option and save. To make your products available in any new markets in the future, select the Make my product available in any future market option.

Written by Tom Morgan

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