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Posted by on May 16, 2020 in Development, Microsoft Teams

Skill up in Microsoft 365 Development this month – 16 sessions to watch during lockdown!

Skill up in Microsoft 365 Development this month – 16 sessions to watch during lockdown!

From Microsoft Build 2020 this year – here are 16 sessions you can either watch live (various times available) or on-demand afterwards. They cover a range of skills across the Microsoft 365 Developer Platform: Teams apps, Graph, Identity, Project Cortex, WinUI etc.  Choose the sessions that interest you most, or try and complete them all!

Session Code Title Speaker(s)
INT100 Getting started building for Microsoft Teams Isabella Lubin, Karthig Balendran
INT102 4 building blocks for every collab app: Templates, Sites, Lists and Tasks Mike Ammerlaan
INT103 Create DevOps workspaces in Teams Siddharth Uppal
INT104 Build apps for Teams with low code/no code tools Efesa Origbo, Loki Meyburg
INT105 Building zero friction apps on Teams with SSO and Graph Nick Kramer
INT106 Your app, everywhere: Streamlined app management in Microsoft Teams Chhavi Bhasin, Vaibhav Agarwal
INT107 Microsoft Graph Live Dan Kershaw, Darrel Miller, Yina Arenas
INT108 Creating Trustworthy applications with Microsoft Identity Jeff Sakowicz, Agnieszka Girling, Philippe Signoret
INT109 Reach millions of users building apps with the Microsoft Identity Platform Jean-Marc Prieur, Saeed Akhter, Scott Rosemund
INT110 Microsoft Graph Services – Build powerful apps with Project Cortex, Connectors and more James Lau, Naomi Moneypenny
INT111 Unifying and evolving the Windows app platform Jesse Bishop, Paul Gusmorino
INT112 Expand your application’s reach in the enterprise with Windows Virtual Desktop Kam VedBrat
INT113 Create collaborative docs and apps with Microsoft Fluid Framework Nick Simons
INT114 Automate spreadsheets with Office Scripts in Microsoft Excel Eray Chou
INT115 Get started with Windows Package Manager Kevin Larkin
INT116 Everything you need to know about WinUI Miguel Angel Ramos Barroso, Ryan Demopoulos
INT117 Moving the web forward with Microsoft Edge and Chromium Melanie Richards
INT185 The new Windows command-line: Windows Terminal and WSL 2 Craig Loewen, Kayla Cinnamon

Written by Tom Morgan

Tom is a Microsoft Teams Platform developer and Microsoft MVP who has been blogging for over a decade. Find out more.
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