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Posted by on Jul 29, 2020 in Development, Microsoft Teams | 0 comments

What is Microsoft Dataflex, and what is coming to Microsoft Teams?

Since the announcement at Microsoft Inspire 2020, we’ve had a Microsoft 365 Message Center post, and some updated videos which provide some more information about what we expect to see when the new functionality of Microsoft Dataflex comes to Microsoft Teams.

I’ve put together a short video outlining what we can expect to see, and the timelines. These features are due to start appearing in mid-August, so not long to wait!

Of course, as soon as I can, I’ll start playing with this new functionality so expect plenty of blog posts and videos when that happens.

Find all my videos at You can also subscribe to the audio-only version of these videos, either via iTunes, Spotify or your own podcasting tool.


Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Teams is shaping the future of work with low code features to enhance your digital workspace

Introducing Microsoft Dataflex, a new low-code data platform for Microsoft Teams


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