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Posted by on Sep 22, 2020 in Development, Microsoft Teams

Create Apps for Microsoft Teams meetings: here’s how

Create Apps for Microsoft Teams meetings: here’s how

New Microsoft Docs pages have surfaced, providing detail on how to implement applications that enhance the Microsoft Teams meeting experience.

This functionality was first announced at Inspire 2020, but implementation guidance has been light until now.

There are 4 key pages of interest:

The functionally breaks up into 3 key areas: pre, during and post meeting experiences.

From first glance (I’m still digesting this) it looks like pre and post-meeting experiences are standard-looking tabs that are exposed alongside the Chat/Details/Files tabs. There is a new tab scope of groupchat to support this.

The pre-meeting experience

The post-meeting experience

The in-meeting experience consists of a mixture of side panels (a web pane for content) and dialogs to either promote important content or get feedback/actions from attendees.

It also appears that bot support is extended to meetings as well. Right now, there is no support for the Bot Framework SDK with this, but it’s coming soon.

There is also support to enable apps to get the context of the meeting they are operating in and the participants via specific API URL parameters, available as part of the Teams Client SDK.

Microsoft Ignite

For more information about creating apps for Microsoft Teams meetings, check out the session Build richer meetings experiences with Microsoft Teams apps using new meetings extensibility points which is sure to provide more context and examples.



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