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Microsoft Teams will bring new insights to Managers and Leaders

Microsoft Teams will bring new insights to Managers and Leaders

Announced at Microsoft Ignite 2020, Teams will soon start showing metrics about both team and organisational performance. Insights for Microsoft Teams is set to launch starting October 2020 with a corresponding set of personal insights aimed at improving employee well-being and productivity.

For Managers

Data is aggregated and designed to highlight potential issues within a team, such as long-working hours or inability to focus on tasks. In a clever, data-driven way it also tries to drive good manager behaviour, for instance by calling out lack of one-on-one time, with links to best practices:

Insights also surfaces data designed to measure the effectiveness of a team, such as their use of instant message and Focus Time, or their ability to collaborate across silos:

For managers in your team, their effectiveness is measured by their ability to regularly connect with employees in other parts of the company:

For Leaders

There is a specific organisation-wide section of reports for leaders, which focus on areas such as resiliency, agility and effectiveness amongst others:

More Information

Microsoft have produced an overview video of these new features:

There is also a Microsoft Ignite 2020 session dedicated to Insights in Microsoft Teams: Bring harmony to work and life with productivity and wellbeing insights in Microsoft Teams and a landing page for more information: Insights for wellbeing and productivity.

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