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Posted by on Mar 4, 2015 in Skype for Business® (Lync®)

Skype for Business – Full List of Emoticons

Skype for Business – Full List of Emoticons

Skype for Business is still pre-release software. This is my best guess of what the emoticons are going to be. Once the software is released and I’m sure, I’ll remove this disclaimer.

As part of the Office365 Summit series, we’re finding out lots of really useful information about the upcoming Skype for Business release, the replacement to Microsoft Lync.

Courtesy of a webinar on New Windows Desktop Experience, we now know that the Lync emoticons are going to be replaced with the existing Skype ones. Nikolay Muravlyannikov, Program Manager, Skype for Business said this:

“we combined emoticons and replaced the emoticons we used in Lync with corresponding Skype equivalents, and now emoticons are fully in sync with Skype for Consumer application.”

This means that even though we don’t yet have the final release of Skype for Business, we can be pretty confident about what emoticons will be available. Here’s the provisional list – which I’ll keep up to date once Skype for Business is launched. Which one is your favorite?

List is based on this full list of Skype Consumer emoticons

Icon Name Shortcodes
  Smile 🙂 :=) 🙂
  Sad 🙁 :=( 🙁
  Laugh 😀 :=D 😀 :d :=d :-d
  Cool 8=) 😎 B=) B-) (cool)
  Wink 😉 😉 ;=)
Surprised 😮 :=o 😮 :O :=O :-O
  Crying ;( ;-( ;=(
  Sweating (sweat) (:|
  Speechless 😐 :=| 😐
  Kiss :* :=* :-*
  Cheeky 😛 :=P 😛 :p :=p :-p
  Fingers crossed (yn)
  Blush (blush) :$ :-$ :=$ :”>
  Wondering :^)
  Sleepy |-) I-) I=) (snooze)
  Dull |( |-( |=(
  In love (inlove)
  Evil grin ]:) >:) (grin)
  Yawn (yawn)
  Puke (puke) :& :-& :=&
  Doh! (doh)
  Angry :@ :-@ :=@ x( x-( x=( X( X- (X=(
  It wasn’t me (wasntme)
  Party!!! (party)
  Facepalm (facepalm)
  Worried :S :-S :=S :s :-s :=s
  Mmm… (mm)
  Nerd 8-| B-| 8| B| 8=| B=| (nerd)
  Lips Sealed 😡 :-x: X :-X :# :-# :=x :=X :=#
  Hi (hi)
  Devil (devil)
  Angel (angel)
  Envy (envy)
  Wait (wait)
  Bear-hug (bear) (hug)
  Make-up (makeup) (kate)
  Giggle (giggle) (chuckle)
  Clapping (clap)
  Thinking (think) 😕 😕 :=?
  Bowing (bow)
  Rolling on the floor laughing (rofl)
  Relieved (whew)
  Happy (happy)
  Smirking (smirk)
  Nodding (nod)
  Shaking (shake)
  Emo (emo)
  Yes (y) (Y) (ok)
  No (n) (N)
  Shaking Hands (handshake)
  Heart (h) (H) (l) (L)
  TMI (tmi)
  Heidy (heidy)
  Flower (f) (F)
Rain (rain) (london) (st)
Sun (sun)
  Music (music)
  Coffee (coffee)
  Pizza (pizza) (pi)
  Cash (cash) (mo) ($)
  Muscle (muscle) (flex)
  Cake (^) (cake)
  Beer (beer)
  Drink (d) (D)
  Dancing (dance) \o/ \:D/ \:d/
  Ninja (ninja)
  Star (*)
  Tumbleweed (tumbleweed)
  Bandit (bandit)

Hidden Emoticons

It’s still not clear whether Skype for Business will get these emoticons too – but I hope it does!

Icon Name Shortcodes
  Skype (skype) (ss)
  Call (call)
  Talking (talk)
  Broken heart (u) (U)
  Time (o) (O) (time)
  Mail (e) (m)
  Movie (~) (film) (movie)
  Phone (mp) (ph)
  Drunk (drunk)
  Punch (punch)
  Smoking (smoking) (smoke) (ci)
  Toivo (toivo)
  Rock (rock)
  Headbang (headbang) (banghead)
  Bug (bug)
  Poolparty (poolparty)
Talk to the hand (talktothehand)
Idea (idea)
Sheep (sheep)
Cat (cat)  :3
Bike (bike)
Dog (dog)

Country Flags

Again – it’s unclear whether Skype for Business will include country flags, but if it does, this is what they are:

Icon Name Shortcode
  Afghanistan (flag:AF)
  Albania (flag:AL)
  Algeria (flag:DZ)
  American Samoa (flag:AS)
  Andorra (flag:AD)
  Angola (flag:AO)
  Anguilla (flag:AI)
  Antarctica (flag:AQ)
  Antigua and Barbuda (flag:AG)
  Argentina (flag:AR)
  Armenia (flag:AM)
  Aruba (flag:AW)
  Australia (flag:AU)
  Austria (flag:AT)
  Azerbaijan (flag:AZ)
  Bahamas (flag:BS)
  Bahrain (flag:BH)
  Bangladesh (flag:BD)
  Barbados (flag:BB)
  Belarus (flag:BY)
  Belgium (flag:BE)
  Belize (flag:BZ)
  Benin (flag:BJ)
  Bermuda (flag:BM)
  Bhutan (flag:BT)
  Bolivia (flag:BO)
  Bosnia and Herzegovina (flag:BA)
  Botswana (flag:BW)
  Brazil (flag:BR)
  British Indian Ocean Territory (flag:IO)
  British Virgin Islands (flag:VG)
  Brunei Darussalam (flag:BN)
  Bulgaria (flag:BG)
  Burkina Faso (flag:BF)
  Burundi (flag:BI)
  Cambodia (flag:KH)
  Cameroon (flag:CM)
  Canada (flag:CA)
  Cape Verde (flag:CV)
  Cayman Islands (flag:KY)
  Central African Republic (flag:CF)
  Chad (flag:TD)
  Chile (flag:CL)
  China (flag:CN)
  Christmas Island (flag:CX)
  Cocos Islands (flag:CC)
  Colombia (flag:CO)
  Comoros (flag:KM)
  Congo (DRC) (flag:CD)
  Congo (flag:CG)
  Cook Islands (flag:CK)
  Costa Rica (flag:CR)
  Cote D’Ivoire (flag:CI)
  Croatia (flag:HR)
  Cuba (flag:CU)
  Cyprus (flag:CY)
  Czech Republic (flag:CZ)
  Denmark (flag:DK)
  Djibouti (flag:DJ)
  Dominica (flag:DM)
  Dominican Republic (flag:DO)
  Ecuador (flag:EC)
  Egypt (flag:EG)
  European Union (flag:EU)
  El Salvador (flag:SV)
  Equatorial Guinea (flag:GQ)
  Eritrea (flag:ER)
  Estonia (flag:EE)
  Ethiopia (flag:ET)
  Faroe Islands (flag:FO)
  Falkland Islands (flag:FK)
  Fiji (flag:FJ)
  Finland (flag:FI)
  France (flag:FR)
  French Guiana (flag:GF)
  French Polynesia (flag:PF)
  French Southern Territories (flag:TF)
  Gabon (flag:GA)
  Gambia (flag:GM)
  Georgia (flag:GE)
  Germany (flag:DE)
  Ghana (flag:GH)
  Gibraltar (flag:GI)
  Greece (flag:GR)
  Greenland (flag:GL)
  Grenada (flag:GD)
  Guadeloupe (flag:GP)
  Guam (flag:GU)
  Guatemala (flag:GT)
  Guinea (flag:GN)
  Guinea-Bissau (flag:GW)
  Guyana (flag:GY)
  Haiti (flag:HT)
  Heard and McDonald Islands (flag:HM)
  Holy See (Vatican City State) (flag:VA)
  Honduras (flag:HN)
  Hong Kong (flag:HK)
  Hungary (flag:HU)
  Iceland (flag:IS)
  India (flag:IN)
  Indonesia (flag:ID)
  Iran (flag:IR)
  Iraq (flag:IQ)
  Ireland (flag:IE)
  Israel (flag:IL)
  Italy (flag:IT)
  Jamaica (flag:JM)
  Japan (flag:JP)
  Jordan (flag:JO)
  Kazakhstan (flag:KZ)
  Kenya (flag:KE)
  Kiribati (flag:KI)
  North Korea (flag:KP)
  Korea (flag:KR)
  Kuwait (flag:KW)
  Kyrgyz Republic (flag:KG)
  Laos (flag:LA)
  Latvia (flag:LV)
  Lebanon (flag:LB)
  Lesotho (flag:LS)
  Liberia (flag:LR)
  Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (flag:LY)
  Liechtenstein (flag:LI)
  Lithuania (flag:LT)
  Luxembourg (flag:LU)
  Macao (flag:MO)
  Montenegro (flag:ME)
  Macedonia (flag:MK)
  Madagascar (flag:MG)
  Malawi (flag:MW)
  Malaysia (flag:MY)
  Maldives (flag:MV)
  Mali (flag:ML)
  Malta (flag:MT)
  Marshall Islands (flag:MH)
  Martinique (flag:MQ)
  Mauritania (flag:MR)
  Mauritius (flag:MU)
  Mayotte (flag:YT)
  Mexico (flag:MX)
  Micronesia (flag:FM)
  Moldova (flag:MD)
  Monaco (flag:MC)
  Mongolia (flag:MN)
  Montenegro (flag:ME)
  Montserrat (flag:MS)
  Morocco (flag:MA)
  Mozambique (flag:MZ)
  Myanmar (flag:MM)
  Namibia (flag:NA)
  Nauru (flag:NR)
  Nepal (flag:NP)
  Netherlands (flag:NL)
  New Caledonia (flag:NC)
  New Zealand (flag:NZ)
  Nicaragua (flag:NI)
  Niger (flag:NE)
  Nigeria (flag:NG)
  Niue (flag:NU)
  Norfolk Island (flag:NF)
  Northern Mariana Islands (flag:MP)
  Norway (flag:NO)
  Oman (flag:OM)
  Pakistan (flag:PK)
  Palau (flag:PW)
  Palestine (flag:PS)
  Panama (flag:PA)
  Papua New Guinea (flag:PG)
  Paraguay (flag:PY)
  Peru (flag:PE)
  Philippines (flag:PH)
  Pitcairn Island (flag:PN)
  Poland (flag:PL)
  Portugal (flag:PT)
  Puerto Rico (flag:PR)
  Qatar (flag:QA)
  Reunion (flag:RE)
  Romania (flag:RO)
  Russian Federation (flag:RU)
  Rwanda (flag:RW)
  Serbia (flag:RS)
  South Sudan (flag:SS)
  Samoa (flag:WS)
  San Marino (flag:SM)
  Sao Tome and Principe (flag:ST)
  Saudi Arabia (flag:SA)
  Senegal (flag:SN)
  Serbia (flag:RS)
  Seychelles (flag:SC)
  Sierra Leone (flag:SL)
  Singapore (flag:SG)
  Slovakia (flag:SK)
  Slovenia (flag:SI)
  Solomon Islands (flag:SB)
  Somalia (flag:SO)
South Africa (flag:ZA)
  Spain (flag:ES)
  Sri Lanka (flag:LK)
  St. Helena (flag:SH)
  St. Kitts and Nevis (flag:KN)
  St. Lucia (flag:LC)
  St. Pierre and Miquelon (flag:PM)
  St. Vincent and the Grenadines (flag:VC)
  Sudan (flag:SD)
  Suriname (flag:SR)
  Swaziland (flag:SZ)
  Sweden (flag:SE)
  Switzerland (flag:CH)
  Syria (flag:SY)
  Taiwan (flag:TW)
  Tajikistan (flag:TJ)
  Tanzania (flag:TZ)
  Thailand (flag:TH)
  Timor-Leste (flag:TL)
  Togo (flag:TG)
  Tokelau (flag:TK)
  Tonga (flag:TO)
  Trinidad and Tobago (flag:TT)
  Tunisia (flag:TN)
  Turkey (flag:TR)
  Turkmenistan (flag:TM)
  Turks and Caicos Islands (flag:TC)
  Tuvalu (flag:TV)
  US Virgin Islands (flag:VI)
  Uganda (flag:UG)
  Ukraine (flag:UA)
  United Arab Emirates (flag:AE)
  United Kingdom (flag:GB)
  United States of America (flag:US)
  Uruguay (flag:UY)
  Uzbekistan (flag:UZ)
  Vanuatu (flag:VU)
  Venezuela (flag:VE)
  Viet Nam (flag:VN)
  Wallis and Futuna Islands (flag:WF)
  Yemen (flag:YE)
  Zambia (flag:ZM)
  Zimbabwe (flag:ZW)

Written by Tom Morgan

Tom is a Microsoft Teams Platform developer and Microsoft MVP who has been blogging for over a decade. Find out more.
Buy the book: Building and Developing Apps & Bots for Microsoft Teams. Now available to purchase online with free updates.


  1. No it doesn’t contain any of the hidden icons (including the flags) in the official release.

  2. yes it does contain some, namely:



  3. True, I was too fast with my opinion. Strictly speaking it does contain some hidden icons, but they aren’t hidden anymore in Skype for Business. The other left-over hidden icons are gone 🙁

  4. Can’t get flags to work. (sheep) and many others don’t as well for the hidden ones

  5. when will include more emoticons ?

  6. where the hell is MOONING! and in the regular Skype what the hell is that black rectangle?! conservative MS shhhht!

  7. try (london)

  8. and none of the lists mention (finger) My personal favorite. Don’t like it? (finger)

  9. Looks like it’s time to update this. (yn)

  10. Is it possible to import custom emoticons? I.e. Animate gifs

  11. I’d really like to get the green checkmark (for ‘ok’ or ‘yes’) and red X (for ‘no’ or ‘disagree’.

  12. I’ll be the coolest guy in the office with my uber cool icons! Can hardly wait to amaze everyone and sit back while all my jealous co-workers ask me what’s the secret.

  13. You can extend the available emoticons by using WingDings and WebDings


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