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Skype for iPhone update 5.10 – Skype Call URIs are back!

Skype for iPhone update 5.10 – Skype Call URIs are back!

Really quick blog post but this is good news for developers writing iPhone applications.

The latest release of Skype for iPhone (version 5.10) now supports the skype:[email protected] link type. Embedding this code in websites and native applications will open/focus the Skype application.

It’s not perfect, and it’s only for kick-starting phone calls, but it’s a good halfway house if you’re looking to embed Skype functionality for mobile clients.

There’s a full write up about version 5.10 (which also includes updates to the dialer) on the Skype Garage blog, or you download it from the App Store.

Things you can do

Making a call:

<a href="skype:[email protected]?call">Call via Skype</a>

Starting a chat:

<a href="skype:[email protected];[email protected]?chat&topic=Chat%20Topic">Start Skype Messaging</a>

Making a video call:

<a href="skype:[email protected]?call&video=true">Call with Skype</a>

More information and code samples on MSDN.

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