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Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams External/Guest Access coming “in June”

Microsoft Teams External/Guest Access coming “in June”

I missed this in the original announcement when Teams went GA, but Kirk Koenigsbauer added a small paragraph to the end of the blog post that accompanied the Teams launch:

Moving forward, we’ll provide a regular rhythm of new features and capabilities. For example, we are targeting to deliver guest access capabilities in June along with deeper integration with Outlook and a richer developer platform.

This doesn’t explain in much detail, but there’s a UserVoice entry titled “External Access and Federation” which is the Number 1 most voted item with nearly 4000 votes! In a comment there “Suphatra” (the Teams admin and main point of contact at Microsoft for the Teams UserVoice community) re-iterated the June deadline.

It’s unclear however exactly what this functionality will look like, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Since the Beta release of Teams there has been some great progress made in adding features. Committing to a public deadline is a big deal, especially for a large company such as Microsoft, so I don’t think they would have done so unless they were confident that they could deliver. Looking down the comment list it looks like there may be a private Beta in process already.


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  1. Hi is the quest access added in SA yet? and by when will it be available please.


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