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Posted by on Jan 27, 2019 in Bot Framework, Development

I’m Speaking / Workshopping at nor(DEV)con in Norwich Feb 21-23

I’m Speaking / Workshopping at nor(DEV)con in Norwich Feb 21-23

nor(DEV)con, the largest tech conference in the region where I live, is back after a break, and it promises to be every bit as good as previous years.

I’m going to be talking about today’s Microsoft and how it benefits developers. If you’re a developer then it’s a Good Thing to evaluate your options every now and again, and today’s Microsoft may be very different from the last time you looked.

In addition, I will be running a 90 minute session on Building Bots on the Microsoft platform. This is plenty of time for everyone to get acquainted with how to build a simple bot, and then layer on features such as AI and Natural Language Processing to make something interesting and useful, that can be used on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Teams. It should be good fun.

All the session details can be found on the Session List.

The event is limited in size, so if you are considering attending (and you should!) then be sure to register today.



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