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Posted by on May 25, 2021 in Everything Else | 0 comments

Windows Terminal 1.9 – now with QUAKE MODE!

Windows Terminal 1.9 – now with QUAKE MODE!

There’s a new version of Windows Terminal out in preview. Version 1.9 improves on the previous version from last month. There are a number of new features, but the most exciting one by far is QUAKE MODE!

If you’re not as old as me, you might not instantly know what this is. It’s the ability to quickly pull down a command line on top of whatever you’re doing with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Now, you can do the same thing with Windows Terminal. Having a quicker and simpler way to replace “Windows+r, cmd, Enter” will be great – if I can manage to re-train these old fingers 🙂

Read the full announcement about Windows Terminal 1.9.

Written by Tom Morgan

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