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Posted by on Nov 2, 2021 in Azure Communication Services, Development

Azure Communication Services Interop with Microsoft Teams will GA in December

Azure Communication Services Interop with Microsoft Teams will GA in December

At Microsoft Ignite March 2021, Microsoft announced interoperability between Azure Communication Services and Microsoft Teams, which would enable an ACS user to join a Microsoft Teams meeting. This interop functionality was released as a public preview.

Today, at Microsoft Ignite November 2021, Microsoft announced that this functionality will be made Generally Available in early December 2021. This is great news for developers who have been building solutions that use this and have been waiting for this announcement to launch them.

Read more about the announcement here: Ignite 2021: New releases for Azure Communication Services designed to enhance customer experiences

Over the summer I’ve spoken about this interop between Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication Services at events like Commsverse and South Coast Summit. I think this feature unlocks some really interesting B2C use cases. In fact, one of my slides even says:

Azure Communication Services is a huge opportunity for business to consumer scenarios, by extending Microsoft Teams to outside the organisation and bringing users into your business processes.

Me, speaking in 2021

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