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Posted by on Nov 2, 2021 in Development, Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is getting 3D mixed-reality experiences to revolutionise meetings

Microsoft Teams is getting 3D mixed-reality experiences to revolutionise meetings

Announced at Microsoft Ignite November 2021, Microsoft Teams will soon be getting new immersive experiences, thanks to Mesh for Microsoft Teams.

A Microsoft Teams meeting showing a mixture of human faces and virtual avatars

Mesh was announced in March 2021 and “enables presence and shared experiences from anywhere – on any device – through mixed reality applications.”

With this announcement, Mesh for Microsoft Teams will bring new experiences to Teams such as personalised avatars which users can use to maintain their presence in Teams without turning on their camera. Having a bad day? Don’t worry, use your avatar image instead! Even cooler, live reactions in Microsoft Teams will be represented through avatars.

Two avatar users in Microsoft Teams talking in different languages, having their conversations translated real-time.

Organisations can create and use immersive spaces to represent familiar constructs such as conference rooms to improve employee networking and engagement.

Mesh for Microsoft Teams bridges the gap between physical and digital, empowering users to connect across devices wherever they choose to live and work from. These experiences will be available as part of Teams on PC, mobile and through mixed-reality headsets.

Teams users will be able to access these Microsoft Mesh-enabled capabilities, in preview, in the first half of 2022.

A Microsoft Teams immersive mixed-reality space with avatars collaboarting

Where can I learn more?

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An immersive Microsoft Teams Mesh experience

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