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What I’m watching at this November 2021 Microsoft Ignite

What I’m watching at this November 2021 Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is back on November 2-4 2021 as a virtual event. As time has gone on, these virtual Ignites have evolved from being essentially the in-person event done online, to having their own identity and format.

In this iteration, there are more smaller and more collaborative sessions and fewer “lecture-style” breakout sessions. Some of these include Product Roundtable sessions which are limited in number and some of which require Microsoft approval to join. The intent is that attendees will participate and not simply listen. All of these sessions will be available for everyone to watch on-demand though.

Here are the sessions I’m going to be keeping an eye out for. As with previous virtual events, I’m a heavy user of on-demand, as it means I can watch session content on my own schedule. Also, (top tip this!) I watch many sessions at 1.5x speed or higher, occasionally slowing down for deeply technical content.

Written by Tom Morgan

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