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Posted by on Jan 27, 2019 in Microsoft Teams

Safe Links are coming to Microsoft Teams

Safe Links are coming to Microsoft Teams

There’s a steady stream of new features coming to Microsoft Teams all the time, which you can track for yourself on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.  (but if you want to create a personalised RSS feed, check out my blog post about that), so I don’t blog about all of them.

This one caught my attention though because it’s a good idea and it shows that Teams is becoming more mature as a product.

Teams is going to inherit the same ATP Safe Links features that are in Outlook today, to protect users against malicious links.


As you can see from the dates, this was actually added to the roadmap in October last year, but the estimated delivery date has just been adjusted to January CY2019.

There are already documentation pages up about this feature:

There’s no additional information about this provided on the Roadmap other than the description above. However, I would assume that the same conditions that apply to other Office products would also apply here:

ATP Safe Links features are part of Advanced Threat Protection, which is included in subscriptions, such as Microsoft 365 EnterpriseMicrosoft 365 Business, Office 365 Enterprise E5, and Office 365 Education A5. If your organization has an Office 365 subscription that does not include Office 365 ATP, you can potentially purchase ATP as an add-on. For more information, see Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection Service Description.

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