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Posted by on Sep 7, 2020 in Microsoft Teams

I’m Speaking at: NorDev Meetup September 24th 2020

I’m Speaking at: NorDev Meetup September 24th 2020

I’m going to be speaking at my “local” development community meetup on September 24th. This time, however, it’s going virtual – so anyone can attend!

A lot of the time when I’m speaking at conferences, I’m talking to folks deeply embedded in the Microsoft ecosystem. nor(DEV) is refreshingly different though – it’s technology agnostic meaning a good bunch of people there won’t be Microsoft developers and IT Pros. That keeps it interesting because it means I can keep everyone updated on what’s happening in the Microsoft space and then we can discuss how that compares with what else is out there.

You can read the full abstract on the Meetup page, but we’re going to be talking low/no-code as well as full-code solutions – Microsoft Teams, Bot Framework, AI etc etc.  The full works!

It should be a fun evening, so if you’re able to make it (the timezone is actually pretty US friendly!) then consider signing up via the Meetup page.

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