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Posted by on Nov 15, 2023 in Development, Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams AI library now generally available

Microsoft Teams AI library now generally available

Announced at Microsoft Ignite, the Microsoft Teams Platform team announced that Teams AI is now generally available for both JavaScript and .NET.

The AI library is a new way to think about building bots on top of Bot Framework. It simplifies the process of building a conversation bot that interacts with a LLM to generate answers to inputs. Developers don’t need to know anything about Bot Framework or LLMs to get started.

This approach gives developers a lot built-in for free such as natural language modelling, session history of conversations, localization (because by default the library uses OpenAI’s GP model), the ability to swap the model out for your own if you want, and lots of hooks and places to ensure your bot doesn’t go off the rails: moderation hooks, conversation sweeping and feedback loops.

Teams AI library is also built with the realisation that developers will want to surface their bot in Teams, and have it perform certain actions. Developers can register these actions with the library, then concentrate on just writing the business logic for those actions. Using the information about the actions the developer supplies, the library will process the user’s input and automatically pass functionality to that business logic to perform the actions.

To learn more about Teams AI library, see this documentation page: Teams AI library.

Written by Tom Morgan

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