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Developing on Windows 10

Developing on Windows 10

It’s an exciting time to be a Microsoft developer. Windows 10 brings in a new Universal Window Platform, one development platform to support development on PCs, mobile, Xboxen, Surface Hubs, IoT devices etc. No more code porting, and a much larger audience for your applications.

This is me at the Windows 10 launch in London. Check out the clever body recognition stuff.

This is me at the Windows 10 launch in London. Check out the clever body recognition stuff.

Here’s a good list of articles and resources to help bring you up to speed with developing for Windows 10:

What’s New – a quick summary of the 15 new / improved updates that using the Universal Window Platform brings

Getting Starting Guide – once you’re ready to begin, go here for your list of pre-requisites, what to download, where to sign-in etc.

Design Guidelines – make your new app look the best it can, or learn about how to make your existing application look good on all devices. There are design downloads here too!

Dev Resources – the nuts’n’bolts are here. How-to guides and API references to keep you moving.

Publishing Information – once you’re written your application, this page will show you how to publish it to the Windows Store using the new Windows Dev Center.

Take a Course?

If you haven’t already heard about Microsoft Virtual Academy, you really should check it out. Loads of structured courses on just about everything Microsoft, with videos, PowerPoint slides – and it’s all free! For Windows 10 development, try Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals, which is a level 200 course with 8 videos.

TL;DR – show me a video!

Channel 9 has a number of good videos on Windows 10 right now.

Written by Tom Morgan

Tom is a Microsoft Teams Platform developer and Microsoft MVP who has been blogging for over a decade. Find out more.
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